Inventors of the EZ Speed Loader

PT Magz was founded in 2017 by Robert and Michael Parker along with business partner Steve Lazzara. After nearly 2 years of precise testing and development, we are proud to introduce the 1911 EZ Speed Loader.

As avid shooters, we clearly realized the most difficult part of going to the range is loading ammunition into magazines. We are proud to announce that we have solved this problem with our patented invention.

Unlike other external loading devices on the market today, The EZ Speed Loader has built in telescopic segments attached to a handle which relieves all spring pressure from the magazine and follower. This allows any shooter to load rounds of ammo in a painless and efficient manner. The result is a more enjoyable experience at the shooting range for men, women and children.

While only currently available in a 7 round 45 ACP 1911 magazine, we have several working prototypes for various rifles and handguns. The EZ Speed Loader is 100% Made in America and built by American workers in Mundelein, Illinois.

$59.99 each

Includes all shipping and handling within the continental United States.


Speed Loader Test


Please be advised that our PT Magz EZ Speed Loader is to ONLY be used with full size 45 ACP 1911 pistols. Any other use or application can and will result in malfunction.

No liability is expressed or implied which may result from the improper installation or use of this product. Thank you and don’t forget to…